Meraki is a collection of exalted basics, inspired and sustainably-sourced pieces made for a life well-lived

Inspired by the urge to be ourselves, we stand for holding tight to the things we love We believe in imperfect beauty, simplification, and dreaming up success on our own terms. Taking time to be attentive and, genuine,  We want our design to express a new kind of vision... So we’re here to bring together the women who feel the same way.

Architecturally-inspired, made for today

We design items with the intention to be loved and lived in. The aware backpack is the bag you will find an excuse to wear anywhere because it’s so comfortable; the quietly chic ataraxia clutch embodies undone ease; the muted leather flaneur shoulder bag that’s that extra, undefinable something.

Locally produced with cultural sensitivity

Inspired by untranslatable words from all over the world, Meraki bags are named using unique words indicating imperceptible and delicate moments in human practices. The use of those untranslatable words coming from different countries around the world is the answer to our need to touch and get inspired from different cultures, to communicate the feeling that no matter how differnet we look or speak or how diferent are the places we have been raised, we all have similar thoughts trying to fit in words.

The beauty of imperfection

Our pieces are inspired by the diversity and the beauty of our native country. Every collection reinterprets classic shapes with meticulous attention to fit, quality, and material created to adapt, get better with age, and wear season after season, year after year.

Our values

Our company is committed to making pieces that not only feel great to wear, but feel great to own. We proudly work only with small family workshops whose close relationships we depend upon to make beautifully constructed garments in only healthy, positive environments.

meraki designer photo